The Sensitive and Breathing Motion




Versatile artist, her work requires a profound body consciousness and a permanent risk--taking.

Combining the Ballet rigor, the dynamic of the Jazz Dance to the fluidity of the Contemporary Dance, we consider Julie Magneville's style as “eclectic "

Moreover, Julie’s originality lives in a unique warm up method developped by herself for Dancers all of styles.


Having gone through a total rehabilitation of her own body and structure through the use of Yoga, Pilates, « Barres Flexibles », this particular class has emerged out of a strong passion to train dancers in the most effective way towards strength & flexibility they have never experienced.

On behalf, "The Sensitive and Breathing Motion" is the result of our deep body sensations( bones, muscles, flesh, water, joints) and the body shape modifications to become a physical and mental therapy.


Julie Magneville has enriched this physical therapy, through a detailed floor work, Yoga Asanas(postures) in order to activate repetitive structural moves that target specific areas of the dancers body which will result in strong suppleness, acaore of steel, major opening of the hips, and elongation of the spine.

Moreover, Pranayamas (breathing exercices) are used to reconnect the body to the spirit and let the vital energy goes into the whole body.

Using rythm complexity, volumes, destructurations, and space urge her work brings dancers to a new sphere.

This new approach pushes aside the senses and the frames of the dance, by its philosophic vision which urges the individual to put itself in danger and to be constantly on the alert.

The mixture abounding in this atypical class marks the beginning of a dance without borders and a realization of a new and unique approach. 



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