To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

TV, computer, smartphone, tablet ... the screens multiplication develops the omnipresence of information that assaults us relentlessly. As a smokescreen, HyperMedias dives us into delusions and anxieties of information that prive us of all necessary keys to decrypt this massive news. To guide us and avoid any confusion, the media carefully standardize their contents ...


Hypermedias is a creation for four dancers, four bodies, four identities, within Julie Magneville develops a singular gestures, especially expressive and often borrowed from theatrical perfomances.


It is also my will to protest, to affirm and contradict the truths that lie us into a stunning, powerful dance and full of humor.

Julie Magneville


This piece has been created for Made In Cannes in march 2014 and has toured, in Lyon and Paris.


Time: 60min.