This choreography of great humanistic reach, raises again the question of the artist's place in society. Each time, its line of thought, its artistic direction, its links and abuses linked to power greed. Artist and citizen, I wonder about a new way of designing this changing world, I shake my own convictions, I question the public opinion on the understanding that we have of what we are surrounded by. As Van Gogh which is my thread, the skeletton of my artistic process "Art is man added to nature";


Or we lose this deep and fundamental connection with our world, and the artist is in many aspects,becomes a perishable object of consumption and changeable at will.


On the other side, a small elitist community where the exchange is promoted, remains selfish. What role does the artist and culture in our time? If culture is used to be both a place for the exchange of singularities and transmission of shared values, it is harder to manage the demand of culture based on sharing.













Through an extreme singularity gesture, and those little things whose repetition symbolizes derision and tragedy of existence, we are dealing with bodies that dehumanize, making us lose any reference over the ideal body, asking ourselves the dominant aesthetic representations of the XXI century. The bodies eclecticism and diversity  reflect the refusal of a unique modeling body, focusing on the personality of everyone and the links between them. Bodies exchange of varying intensity in the room, allow us to make sens back to our human experiences even in their most archaic resonances. (Touch, smell, sight, hearing ..).


Using of complementary colors on dancers bodies (yellow, red, green, blue, purple) is essential in the development of this piece. Directly related to our energetic centers, each color is an answer to our state of being and our planes of consciousness. By means of a sometimes dark and sometimes bright lighting, we emphasize and sublimate that called Van Gogh: the everyday, the ordinary, behind which is hidden the deep meaning of our humanity. The painting's projection gives an imprtant strentgh to the piece.


The musical composition was awarded to Mathieu Daviaud has already signed two creations for Julie Magneville. He will revisit some songs from the soundtrack of"Moi Van Gogh"movie composed by Armand Amar, and Alberto Iglesias. His world full of mysticism, tribal sounds gives the room a dreamy and dramatic dimension ....The Soprano Coloratura Odile Heimburger will be part of this incredible experience "Julie Magneville


Time: 55min

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Unknown Track - Alberto Iglesias
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